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Dekel Wiesman, British Council

 Composing Hitchcock

The Hitchcock 9 are silent films with no soundtrack enabling us to partner Hitchcock's cinematic works with a diverse group of Israel's finest musicians. The result is a unique audio-visual experience. Six out of the nine films will be accompanied by live music. The remaining three films are accompanied by a recorded soundtrack performed by outstanding British musicians.

Participating artists: Daniel Salomon, Eran Tzur, Karni Postel and Tom Darom, Abatte Barihun and Omri Mor, Ofer Tal (Scoolmaster), Wissam Gibran and Mark Eliyahu.

Recorded soundtracks: John Sweeny, Nitin Sawhney, Soweto Kinch 

Daniel Salomon | "The Pleasure Garden" | Tel Aviv 20.2.14

Daniel Salomon is a musician, singer, pianist and music producer who has worked with some of Israel's most popular artists such as Aviv Geffen and Shlomo Artzi. He has released four successful solo albums and won the Akum Prize for composition. He writes music for films, television and theatre. Among his most famous songs are "Adif", "Ahava", "Rabot HaDrachim" and "HaYitachen".

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Eran Tzur | "The Manxman" | Tel Aviv 3.3.14, Haifa 18.3.14, Jerusalem 14.3.14 

Eran Tzur is one of the most Israel's most respected singer-songwriters. His lyrics combine poetry and pop/rock style. His music deals with key issues in Israeli society in Hebrew in particular identity.

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Karni Postel & Tom Darom | "Easy Virtue" | Jerusalem 21.2.14, Tel Aviv 28.2.14, Haifa 8.3.14 

Karni Postel is a musician and composer who has worked with great Israeli artists, including Shalom Hanoch, Meir Ariel, Assaf Amdursky, Arkadi Duchin, Mashina and Barry Sakharof. Postel has worked with choreographers Ohad Naharin and Yasmin Godder, and the Beit Lessin and Tmuna theatres, as well as film directors as Ra'anan Alexandrowicz (winner at the 2012 Sundance Festival), Sivan Arbel, Tzahi Grad and Zippi Brand (who's "Google Baby" took first prize at the 2009 DocAviv documentary film festival). Postel has released three albums.

Tom Darom, a musician, composer and video art producer. Darom has worked with Balkan Beat Box, Assaf Avidan, Efrat Gosh, Tomer Yosef and Assaf Amdursky. 

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 Ofer Tal (Schoolmaster) | "The Pleasure Garden" | Jerusalem 25.2.14 | Haifa 12.3.14 

Ofer Tal (Schoolmaster) is an artist, producer, DJ and half of the duo "Radio Trip". In 2002 together with Uri Wertheim (Mixmonster) and others, he founded one of the most interesting Israeli breakthrough ensembles "The Apples", whose composition of jazz, funk, groove and electronic music has been particularly successful in the UK and Israel. In 2005 Tal won the ‘Freestyle’ competition and in 2009 “Radio Trip” started to produce albums for other groups from the genre: The Ramirez Brothers, Markey Funk, Digital_Me, Left and Boom Pam, and a compilation album of the label was released in collaboration with "Kol Hacampus" radio. 

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Wisam Gibran | "Champagne" | Tel Aviv 25.2.14, Jerusalem 4.3.14, Haifa 6.3.14 

Wisam Gibran is a Palestinian violinist and oud player living in Israel and a prolific composer of oriental and experimental music for oud. He is the author of one opera, one symphony, numerous vocal works, three concertos, numerous chamber works, compositions for solo instruments, and a large body of electro-acoustic compositions. Gibran has written extensively for film and theatre. His works have been performed in festivals in Europe, the USA, Canada, Israel and Jordan. His symphony, “Gilgamesh”, was performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and was broadcast on the radio.

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Mark Eliyahu | "Blackmail" | Tel Aviv 21.2.14, Haifa 1.3.14, Jerusalem 7.3.14

Mark Eliyahu is a composer, master player of the Persian kamancheh and the Turkish bağlama, and music producer and arranger. Born in Dagestan in the Caucasus, he immigrated to Israel with his parents at the age of seven. His first Album “Spirit of the East” was released in 1999 and since then he has performed around the world, composing music for dance groups, orchestras, film and various projects.

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Abatte Barihun & Omri Mor "The Farmer's Wife" | Haifa 23.2.14, Tel Aviv 24.2.14, Jerusalem 27.2.14

Abatte Barihun is an Ethiopian-Israeli jazz saxophonist and composer. He was born in Addis Ababa and joined his family in Israel in 1999. His sound is reminiscent of John Coltrane. His first album was released in 2002 and was rated among the best Israeli jazz albums of the year. The album contains eight pieces which blend free jazz with four musical modes used in the Ethiopian Highlands. Three of these modes - Bati, Tezeta and Ambassel - originate from the Wollo region in Ethiopia, where most of the Jewish community lived. The fourth mode, Anchi Hoye, is used in religious music.

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Soweto Kinch | "The Ring" (Recorded) | Haifa 22.2.14,Tel Aviv 23.2.14, Jerusalem 20.3.14

Award-winning alto-saxophonist and MC, Soweto Kinch is one of the most exciting and versatile young musicians in both the British jazz and hip hop scenes. He has amassed an impressive list of accolades and awards on both sides of the Atlantic - including a Mercury Music Prize nomination, two UMA Awards and a 2003 MOBO for best Jazz Act. In 2007, he won his second MOBO Award, the winner in the best Jazz Act category, fending off stiff competition from the likes of Wynton Marsalis.

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John Sweeney | "Downhill" (Recoreded) Haifa TBC, Tel Aviv 1.3.14, Jerusalem 17.3.14

John Sweeney started playing for silent film at Riverside Studios in London in 1990. Since then he has played at many venues around Great Britain, including BFI Southbank, The Barbican, the Arnolfi in Bristol, and at many festivals, including The British Silent Film Festival. He is also well known as an accompanist for both contemporary dance and ballet.

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Nitin Sawhney | "The Lodger" (Recorded) | Tel Aviv 22.2.14, Haifa 25.2.14, Jerusalem 12.3.14

Nitin Sawhney is firmly established as a world-class producer, songwriter, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, orchestral composer and cultural pioneer. He has scored for and performed with many of the world’s leading orchestras, and collaborated with and written for Sir Paul McCartney, Sting, Brian Eno, Anoushka Shankar, Jeff Beck and Shakira among others. Sawhney also works tirelessly for musical education, acting as patron of the British Government’s Access-to-Music programme. Sawhney has scored over 50 films.

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