The Lodger (UK 1926)

The fog-covered city of London is terrorised by a serial killer. A landlady hires a new lodger and starts to suspect that he might be the serial killer terrorising the city. The Lodger was described by Hitchcock himself as "the first true Hitchcock movie”. (90 mins, Eng. titles, Heb. Sub)

Silent film with recorded orchestral score composed by Nitin Sawhney

Screening schedule: Tel Aviv 22.2.14 | Haifa 25.2.14 | Jerusalem 12.3.14

Ivor Novello: The lodger
Malcolm Keen: Joe Betts
Miss June: Daisy Bunting
Arthur Chesney: Mr. Bunting
Marie Ault: Mrs. Bunting

Production Company: Gainsborough Pictures
Assistant Director: Alma Reville
Screenplay: Eliot Stannard and Alfred Hitchcock from the novel ‘The Lodger’ by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes
Photography: Baron Ventimiglia
Art Director: C Wilfred Arnold
Editing and Titling: Ivor Montagu
Title Design: E. McKnight Kauffer

A restoration by the BFI National Archive in association with ITV Studios Global Entertainment, Network Releasing and Park Circus Films
Principal restoration funding provided by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and The Film Foundation, and Simon W Hesse
Additional funding provided by British Board of Film Classification, Deluxe 142, Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, and Ian & Beth Mil