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We have a wide range of online resources for adults, kids and teens. Each website has activities, games, and videos to help you or your children learn English.

LearnEnglish website

The LearnEnglish website makes learning English easy and fun with audio, text and video content and over 2,000 games, stories and interactive exercises. Become a member to interact with other users and download free resources.    

Learn English on the go

We offer a wide range of mobile apps for learning English. The apps are for learners with different levels of English and include podcasts, a soap opera, quizzes, games and exercises to help you improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. 

LearnEnglish for kids

Kids can have fun and learn English using songs, stories, videos, grammar and vocabulary games and lots of other activities on LearnEnglish Kids.

LearnEnglish for teens

If you are 13-17 years old, you can use LearnEnglish Teens to practice your language, grammar and vocabulary, get useful tips for exams and enjoy fun activities, videos and games.

Premier Skills English website 

Improve your English skills with football focused activities! Visit our new Premier Skills English website.

LearnEnglish for parents and teachers

LearnEnglish Kids has hundreds of free printable resources for teachers and parents. 

Join the LearnEnglish Kids Parents discussion forum for advice on how you can help your children Learn English.