Learning English is fun and exciting with our free apps and websites designed by English language experts.

Learn English Kids

Children aged 5-12 years can have fun learning English with LearnEnglish Kids. On our website children can watch a story or a video, play a game, or do some fun grammar activities. They can sing a song, practise some tongue twisters, and learn jokes in English. Members of LearnEnglish Kids can make a cool avatar and print fun craft activities. Children can also leave comments on the website and write messages to other young learners all around the world!

LearnEnglish Teens

Our LearnEnglish website for teens is designed by English language experts and offers a variety of language practice activities to improve their reading, writing and listening skills. There are lessons explaining grammar and phrasal verbs in a fun and engaging way but also music videos, short films, games and puzzles, so they can learn and have fun at the same time.  

LearnEnglish Teens can be used on mobile phones and tablets, for those who want to practise their English on the go! 

Apps for kids and teens

Improve your English with our fun and exciting apps specially designed for kids and teens. 

LearnEnglish for parents

LearnEnglish Kids Parents is for parents who want to help their children learn English at home. You can read articles and watch videos offering advice and tips. Join the parents’ forum to exchange ideas, choose from hundreds of free printable resources to use with children, and find out about our mobile apps.