The Roing_Boxers
The Ring

The Ring (UK 1927)

The Ring is Hitchcock’s one and only original screenplay. It’s a love triangle melodrama set in the world of boxing. When Jack 'One Round' Sander is discovered by promoter James Ware, his career takes off. But rival Bob Corby, heavyweight champion, takes an interest in his girlfriend. (108 min., Eng. titles, Heb. Sub)

Silent film with recorded jazz score for 7 piece ensemble by Soweto Kinch

Screening schedule: Tel Aviv 23.2.14 | Haifa 22.2.14 | Jerusalem: 20.3.14

Carl Brisson: ‘One Round’ Jack Sander
Lilian Hall Davis: The Girl
Ian Hunter: Bob Corby
Forrester Harvey: The Promoter 
Harry Terry: The Showman
Gordon Harker: Jack’s Trainer


Production Company: British International Pictures
Photography: John J Cox
Art Director: C W Arnold