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The Farmer’s Wife (UK 1928)

The Farmer’s Wife is a charming rustic comedy in which a middle-aged widower decides to remarry and enlists his faithful housekeeper in his search for a suitable mate. The bumbling search reflects Hitchcock’s own timidity around women. The use party scenes featuring meticulous choreography demonstrate the director’s genius.
(107 mins, Eng. titles, Heb. Sub)

Silent film with live music accompaniment by Saxophonist Abatte Barihun and Pianist Omri Mor

Screening schedule: Tel Aviv 24.2.14 | Haifa 23.2.14 | Jerusalem 27.2.14

Jameson Thomas: Farmer Samuel Sweetland
Lilian Hall-Davis: Araminta Dench
Gordon Harker: Churdles Ash
Antonia Brough: Susan
Maud Gill: Thirza Tapper

Production Company: British International Pictures
Producer: John Maxwell
Adapted for the screen by Elliot Stannard
Based on the play by Eden Phillpotts
Photography: John J. Cox
Art Director: C. Wilfred Arnold

A restoration by the BFI National Archive in association with STUDIOCANAL

Restoration funding provided by Matt Spick. Additional funding provided by Deluxe 142

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