Blackmail image
Blackmail Image (UK 1929)

Blackmail (UK, 1929)

Hitchcock’s Blackmail is one of the best British films made during the transition to the sound era and tells the story of a woman, her policeman lover and a web of crime and blackmail. The film part silent, part talking. From its opening sequence with the police tracking down a wanted criminal, to scenes on the London Underground, the film successfully escapes from its theatrical origins. (75 Min, Eng. titles, Hebrew.Sub.)

Silent film with live musical accompaniment by Mark Eliyahu

Screening Schedule: Tel Aviv 21.2.14 | Haifa 1.3.14 | Jerusalem 7.3.14

Anny Ondra: Alice White
Sara Allgood: Mrs White
Charles Paton: Mr White
John Longden: Detective Frank Webber
Donald Calthrop: Tracy
Cyril Ritchard: The Artist
Hannah Jones: The Landlad

Production Company: British International Pictures
Screenplay: Alfred Hitchcock from the play by Charles Bennett
Cinematography: Jack Cox
Art Director: W. C. Arnold
Assistant Director: Frank Mills
Editor: Emile de Ruelle

A restoration by the BFI National Archive in association with STUDIOCANAL

Principal funding provided by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and The Film Foundation

Additional funding provided by Deluxe 142, Pia Getty, Col & Karen Needham and the Dr Mortimer & Theresa Sackler Foundation