The 2023 call for proposals is closed.

The Wohl Alliance is an initiative funded by the Wohl Legacy and managed by the British Council together with the UK Science and Innovation Network in Israel, in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Wohl Alliance aims to further research-linked cooperation between the UK and Israel in areas of clean growth linked to food, water and energy.

We are pleased to invite applications for grants of up to $25,000 to help form, maintain, enlarge and promote such collaboration. 

The call will remain open for submissions until 30 June 2023. We recommend that you contact us in advance of submission to discuss your ideas.

Please consult the call for proposals below for further information about the terms and requirements of the grants.

The Wohl Alliance will develop in future to include further activities and programmes related to Clean Growth.

What is clean growth?

For the purposes of this programme, clean growth means economic growth that mitigates our impact on the environment while building resilience to a changing climate.

The initial call for proposals will consider clean growth topics specifically linked to food, water and/or energy.

Do you fund research?

The Wohl Alliance Grants are not intended to fund research costs or researcher salaries. They are intended to be built around the research process: to promote, facilitate, apply and/or communicate clean-growth related research. 

More information is available in the call for proposals 

Who can apply for the Wohl Alliance Grants?

Only UK or Israeli universities and academic/research institutions can receive the grant directly. However, non-academic partners can fully partake in these projects. More information on eligibility is contained in the call for proposals.

What is the deadline for applications?

There is no deadline. Proposals may be submitted at any time and a funding decision will be made within three months.

What are the grant terms?

Other than the terms stipulated in the Call for Proposals, successful applicants will be expected to sign the British Council’s standard Short Contract.