The Wohl Clean Growth Fellowship scheme 2024

The call to apply for the Wohl Clean Growth Fellowship programme is now closed.

The scheme will enable early career researchers in Israel and the UK to undertake medium-term visits to further their research and establish or strengthen links that develop and enhance scientific collaborations. 

The Fellowships will support research visits by British and Israeli researchers to laboratories in the partner country. Applicants can apply for visits for one to three months in duration. The aim of these visits will be to enable the visiting fellows to: 

  • learn new techniques or research methods that are not available in their home country; 
  • access facilities, resources, tools or archives not available in their home country; or 
  • facilitate collaboration between the home and host research groups.
 The call will close November 13, 2023. 23:59 UK time

Am I eligible?

  1. The Fellowships are open to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Postdoctoral researchers should have been awarded their PhD not more than 10 years prior to applying for a Fellowship (though allowances can be made for career breaks or other extenuating circumstances).
  2. Fellowships are available to both PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Individuals connected to Wohl Clean Growth Alliance Grants are eligible to apply, but not with the same project.
  3. The Fellowships will fund a visit from the UK to Israel or vice versa. We do not expect reciprocal visits.
  4. Only applications that have been jointly endorsed by heads of research groups and heads of departments in both the applicant’s home and host institutions will be considered.
  5. Multiple applications from laboratories / departments / institutions are acceptable; however, individuals may submit only one application at a time. Duplicate applications will not be eligible, even if they are to different host institutions.
  6. Preference will be given for new collaborations although individuals involved in existing cooperation will be considered.
  7. Applications for the Fellowships to extend visits or to bridge research visits funded by other organisations will not be considered.
  8. The Fellowships will not be awarded to individuals to visit the laboratory, institute or department in which the applicant obtained his or her PhD or to work again with the candidate’s PhD supervisor.
  9. Fellowships must be completed by 31.12.2024

How long is the fellowship for?

The grants are for fellowships of one to three months in duration.

How does the funding process work?

  1. Funding can be requested for up to US$3000 per month in the host country, for a total of up to three months.
  2.  Funding will be paid to the applicant’s institution, following the signature of a contract. The Institution will then be responsible to transfer the funds on to the applicant.

How are the applications assessed?

  1. Demonstrate direct relevance to clean growth related to food, water, energy and decarbonisation.
  2. Propose activity of high research quality.
  3. Show the potential for tangible outcomes emanating from the fellowship, such as published research, development of new datasets etc.
  4. Indicate how the collaboration will continue beyond the period of the proposed activity.
  5. Comply with Guidelines for Applicants and the relevant Application Form instructions.