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UK-Israel Science Lectureships 2018-19

The UK-Israel Science Lectureship Grants fund short visits of up to fourteen days by scientists from Britain and Israel.

The scheme provides opportunities for established researchers to visit their colleagues in the UK/Israel, catalyse new partnerships, establish and strengthen research links and develop scientific collaborations. 

The UK-Israel Science Lectureship Scheme to open to applications from researchers working in the fields of nanoscience, neuroscience, water science, agri-science, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and cyber research.

Lectureship grants are up to £2,000.

Applications are now closed

Please email us at israelscience@britishcouncil.org to receive updates. Subject Line: Lectureship Grants

Am I eligible?

UK- Israel Science Lectureship Grants are open to established researchers in Britain or Israel working in the priority areas mentioned above.

• We will not ordinarily consider applications to extend visits or to bridge research visits funded by other organisations.

• Lectureship Grants are not available to individuals connected to laboratories currently supported by the BIRAX Regenerative Medicine Initiative and the UK Israel-MENA Trilateral Water Programme (STREAM). 

• UK- Israel Science Lectureship Grants will fund a visit from the UK to Israel or vice versa. We do not expect reciprocal visits.

• UK- Israel Science Lectureship Grants will not be awarded to individuals to visit the laboratory, institute or department in which the applicant obtained his or her PhD or to work again with the candidate’s PhD supervisor.

• Multiple applications from laboratories / departments / institutions are acceptable; however individuals may submit only one application at a time.

• Individuals may submit only one application at a time.

How do I apply?

The form should be completed by the person wishing to HOST a visiting researcher, and not by the person wishing to travel. The form includes requests for:

• A CV from the host and the invitee.

• A description of the proposed activity, including the intended value and outputs of the activity.

• A budget for the proposed activity.

• The applicant must attach to the application a letter on official headed paper signed by the head of the relevant department or a signatory of equivalent position stating the institution’s support of the application.

How does the selection process work?

Applications are assessed by an Academic Selection Board. The Board will evaluate applications using the following criteria:

·      General relevance to the priority areas stated above

·     Impact of the proposed activity on UK-Israel scientific collaboration.

·     Quality of the scientific content of the proposed activity.

·      Whether the collaboration will continue beyond the period of the proposed activity.

Compliance with Guidelines for Applicants and the relevant Application Form instructions. The Academic Selection Board’s decision is final and confidential. No appeals will be considered. The British Council is unable to enter into any communication on the Selection Board’s decisions. Feedback will not be provided to unsuccessful applicants.

What is expected of UK-Israel Lectureship grantees?

Grantees will be required to participate in the full range of activities proposed in the visit itinerary.

Grantees may be asked to:

·   Attend Science and Innovation Network and/ or British Council events.

·    Participate in peer reviews, where relevant.

·     Promote the Science and Innovation Network and/or British Council and be available for press and media work.

·      Contribute to reporting on their visit to the UK and/or Israel.