I am so Pleased to be working with the British and Israeli scientists as part of the GROWTH Fellowship, along with my counterpart. It has us access to knowledge, tools and skills that we would  otherwise not have had. I'm looking forward to  the next few months  seeing the start of more partnerships like this.  Lena Qawasmi, GROWTH Fellow 2015

Graduate Research Opportunities in Water Technology and Health

The Israel- UK -Palestine GROWTH Fellowship Scheme was established to promote scientific links between Israeli, British and Palestinian researchers and to contribute to the development of science and research in those three countries.  

Through the Fellowship, outstanding MA graduates of Palestinian universities can receive funding for a full PhD programme at an Israeli university of their choice.

Applications are now closed.

Am I eligible?

•  Israel-UK-Palestine GROWTH Fellowship grants are open to graduates of Palestinian universities interested in pursuing PhDs in water-technology or health related research at an Israeli university. 

•  Applicants should be able to demonstrate outstanding academic performance in their Masters and Bachelors degrees, including proficiency in research methods and a final thesis. 

•  Applicants should be able to demonstrate a high level of written and verbal English.

•  Applicants are awarded the Fellowship provisionally, on the condition that they are subsequently accepted into a PhD programme at an Israeli research university. Applicants are responsible for securing this acceptance, and for fulfilling all requirements of the applicable university

How do I apply?

Applicants must complete an online application form in English. This can be found here. The form should be completed by the fellowship candidate. The form will ask the applicant   to attach the following documentation:

  • A CV 
  • MSc certificate or degree approval
  • BSc certificate or degree approval
  • Title page of the MSc thesis
  • Copy of ID or title page of passport
  • Two letters of reference. One of these letters must be from your thate applicant’s MSc advisor. 

How does the selection process work?

Applications are assessed by an Academic Selection Board. The process proceeds as follows: 

• Applications are first assessed by the Science and Innovation team for eligibility.

• Applications will then be assessed by an international selection panel. Applicants who are shortlisted will be invited for an interview, either in person or via Skype. 

• Once the panel reaches its final decision, candidates will be notified whether they have been accepted.

The Academic Selection Board’s decision is final and confidential. No appeals will be considered. The British Council is unable to enter into any communication on the Selection Board’s decisions. Feedback will not be provided to unsuccessful applicants.

What is expected of GROWTH Fellows?

Fellows are required to: 

  • Participate in the full range of their PhD programs and GROWTH fellowship activities , including attendance at relevant conferences in the UK.
  • Fulfil all requirements of the Host University 
  • Notify the British Council in writing of any changes to their Fellowship 
  • Conduct the necessary reporting as requested by the British Council