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 The Hitchcock 9 screening in Hong Kong

Watching Hitchcock Around the world

Ahead of presenting the Hitchcock 9 with our partners at the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa Cinematheques, we want to bring you a glimpse of the project around the world. 

The Hitchcock 9 project was unveiled in London in 2012 and since travelled the world with the British Council. Each country created a unique cultural and artistic model, and you can read more about it on this page. 

The Hitchcock 9 opens In Israel on 20 February at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on. Get your tickets to the opening here but hurry – there are limited seats available! 

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The Hitchcock 9: Turkey

Read Ian Haydn Smith article ahead of the project presentation in Turkey: 


See images from the project in Turkey:

The Hitchcock 9: Shanghai