The UK-Israel Early Career Researcher Mobility Programme 

The programme aims to strengthen academic collaboration between the UK and Israel by providing mobility grants to early career researchers who work in the priority sectors of neuroscience and ageing. 

Israel-UK-Palestine GROWTH Fellowship 

The programme enables graduates of Palestinian universities to attain a PhD at an Israeli university in the field of water-technology &/or health sciences.

The Newton International Fellowships

For researchers from any country to undertake postdoctoral research in the UK.  

Rothschild Fellowship

Awarded each year in the Natural, Exact or Life Sciences and Engineering and in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Fellowships are provided for one year of postdoctoral study and research abroad. Recipients may choose to spread the funds over a two year period.

The Daniel Turnberg UK

The scheme offers the opportunity for biomedical researchers from the Middle East to visit a research institution of their choice in the UK; fellowship will cover airfare and a subsistence allowance for a period of up to four weeks.  


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