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UK-Israel Science Fellowships 2018 -19 *NEW

The funding opportunity is opened to PhD students and to medical graduates (junior doctors) seeking to gain either research or clinical experience.

Israel-UK-Palestine GROWTH Fellowship 

The programme enables graduates of Palestinian universities to attain a PhD at an Israeli university in the field of water-technology &/or health sciences.

The Newton International Fellowships

For researchers from any country to undertake postdoctoral research in the UK. The two-year fellowships cover the broad range of the natural and 

The Blavatnik Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme 

The Blavatnik Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme enables Israeli scientists of outstanding ability to pursue their research at the University of Cambridge, while fostering a scholarly exchange and greater understanding between researchers in Britain and in Israel.

Application for the 2017-2018 cohort is now closed.

Rothschild Fellowship

Awarded each year in the Natural, Exact or Life Sciences and Engineering and in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Fellowships are provided for one year of postdoctoral study and research abroad. Recipients may choose to spread the funds over a two year period.

The Daniel Turnberg UK

The scheme offers the opportunity for biomedical researchers from the Middle East to visit a research institution of their choice in the UK; fellowship will cover airfare and a subsistence allowance for a period of up to four weeks.  

Atkin Fellowship for Arab Israeli Dialogue

ICSR offers young leaders from Israel and the Arab world the opportunity to come to London for a period of four months. As the purpose of the fellowship is to provide young leaders from Israel and the Arab world with an opportunity to develop their ideas on how to further peace and understanding in the Middle East. The four months at King’s College London is spent on research, debate and constructive dialogue in a politically neutral environment.

Woolf Institute Fellowships

1-2 months fellowships at the Woolf Institute, which specializes in the study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims from a multidisciplinary perspective. Fellows will be entitled to free accommodation in Cambridge and one round-trip journey to Cambridge.

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