BIRAX Ageing 2019 winning projects

BIRAX AGEING 2019 - Projects Launch:

The British Council and the British Embassy Israel, have given the go-ahead to seven, new, three-year bilateral scientific projects in the field of research on Ageing. The work will be carried out by top institutions in the UK and Israel. 

The projects will be awarded nearly £2.8 million in total from BIRAX, a £10 million programme to support cutting edge UK-Israeli research.

BIRAX Ageing will look at the effects of ageing on human health, and the use of precision medicine and big data in ageing research. It will bring together scientists from the Hebrew University of JerusalemHadassah Medical CentreTel Aviv UniversityTel Aviv Sourasky Medical CentreUniversity of OxfordUniversity of CambridgeKing’s College London, University Collage London, and Queen’s University Belfast.

The projects will focus on various aspects of ageing and how it affects diabetes, vascular disease, neuro-degenerative disease such as Multiple Sclerosis, brain imaging, as well as the use of technology for macular disease research. 

Please see below the new research projects. We are grateful to our partners for their instrumental support in BIRAX Ageing:

Project Name and Principal Investigators 
Age-related bone fragility in type 1 diabetes – the role of bone cell senescence Professor Lynne Cox, University of Oxford  / Professor Rivka Dresner Pollak, Hadassah Medical Center
Microstructural MRI of the ageing brain  Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg, University of Oxford / Professor Yaniv Assaf, Tel Aviv University
How does ageing-associated niche stiffening disrupt nucleus mechanotransduction signaling and suppresses the regenerative capacity of adult CNS progenitor cells? Professor Robin Franklin, University of Cambridge / Dr Amnon Buxboim, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Vascular Ageing, Rejuvenation and Healthspan Extension Professor Manuel Mayr, King's College London / Professor Eli Keshet, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Cellular senescence, aging and diabetes Professor Masashi Narita, University of Cambridge / Professor Ittai Ben-Porath, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Algorithms for diagnosis and management of age-related macular degeneration Professor Tunde Peto, Queen’s University Belfast / Professor Anat Loewenstein, Tel Aviv University
Failures of neuronal homeostasis in Alzheimer's Disease and ageing Professor Tara Keck, University College London / Professor Inna Slutsky , Tel Aviv University