BIRAXBritain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange – was initiated in 2011 by the British Council, British Embassy in Israel and the UK Science and Innovation Network in collaboration with the Pears Foundation as a founding partner. It is our flagship programme of over £10 million. 

BIRAX Regenerative Medicine initiative has funded 19 research projects tackling some of the world’s most challenging health conditions and diseases by employing pioneering regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies and using the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies. 

In October 2019, nearly £2.8 million has been awarded under the new phase – BIRAX Ageing – to seven, new, three-year bilateral scientific projects in the field of research on ageing  and in support of cutting edge UK-Israeli research. The work is being carried out by top research institutions in the UK and Israel. 

British Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Neil Wigan said:

‘I am excited that seven new projects have been selected for the first call of BIRAX Ageing, the latest phase of our flagship science research programme. These cutting-edge research collaborations not only position the UK and Israel at the forefront of ageing research world-wide, but also reaffirm the close connection between British and Israeli academic communities and establishments. Through these meaningful and sustainable collaborations, we can together tackle universal ongoing challenges.’

BIRAX Ageing research looks at the global challenges of ageing, bringing together world-class and complementary scientific capabilities to promote healthy ageing. It aims to establish and grow a substantial new academic community and support ground-breaking collaborative research in the field of ageing, funding both research mobility and joint research projects over the next five years. 

Sir Trevor Pears, Executive Chair of the Pears Foundation and a founding partner of BIRAX:

‘Since its establishment in 2011, the BIRAX Initiative has earned its excellent reputation for successfully nurturing UK–Israel scientific exchange for the advancement of knowledge. We are proud to have been the founding partner of this important initiative, which will have an enduring impact and legacy, and are delighted to be part of a family of committed partners.’

Throughout the years, BIRAX partners have been invaluable in realising the programme’s goals of nurturing UK-Israel scientific relations and have played a critical role in bringing forward the latest achievements in the field of science through bilateral collaboration. To widen BIRAX’s global impact we always welcome more partners to the family.

Since its inception in 2011, BIRAX has been possible by the generous support of partners working with us to nurture the UK–Israel scientific exchange for the advancement of knowledge. We remain grateful to all our partners

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