The British Council in Israel, together with the British Embassy in Tel-Aviv, are delighted to publish the attached PwC report. The report highlights how Science, Academic Relations, Innovation, Trade and Investment have grown significantly between the two countries over the last decade. The evidence across all aspects of the relationship shows significant economic and scientific benefits for both countries. It is a trend that we hope to see continue even more strongly, with ever growing scientific and academic collaboration and new programmes which should widen and deepen significantly the links between UK and Israel. With thanks to PwC and all of our partners in the report.

Academic and scientific partnerships have become a cornerstone of international collaboration between the UK and Israel. This report finds that funding for Israeli early career researchers to come to UK universities generates economic contributions in the UK of 1.53x the value of grants provided to them through programmes delivered via the British Embassy and British Council. Further, outcomes from joint UK-Israel medical research have the potential to generate net direct economic benefits of approximately 4.7x the value of the research funding in a single year alone, and up to 18.3x in the first four years.