Arad Lang

2023 Fellow

Home institution: Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Host: Professor Thomas Douglas Bennett, Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy,  University of Cambridge


Project: Formation and Properties of Hybrid Perovskite Glasses

Dolev Bashi

2023 Fellow

Home Institution: Tel Aviv University

Host: Professor Didier Queloz, Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory 

Project: Searching for Planets in Halo Stars 




Kian Kadan-Jamal

2023 Fellow 

Home Institution: Tel Aviv University 

Host: Professor George Malliaras, Department of Engineering , University of Cambridge

Project: A New Method to Deliver Electrotherapy to Glioblastoma

Moshe Eliasof

2023 Fellow

Home Institution: Tel Aviv University

Host: Professor Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Project: New Horizons of Graph Neural Networks: From Operators to Inverse Problems.

Yoav Zigdon

2023 Fellow 

Home Institution: Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Host: Professor Colm-Cille Caulfield, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge

Project: Microstates for Neutral Black Holes.

Sivan Nir-Luz

2022 Fellow 

Home Institution: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Host: Professor Jenny Zhang, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Project: Electrochemically induced surface shedding as a novel biomimetic antifouling strategy.

Uri Cohen

2022 Fellow 

Home Institution: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Host: Professor Prof Máté Lengyel, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Project: Storing memories in dynamical systems: the contribution of recall dynamics to memory performance.


Daniel Zaidman

2021 Fellow

Home Institution: The Weizmann Institute of Science

Host: Dr Gonçalo Bernardes, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Project: Computational design of antibody conjugates for increased target affinity. 

Watch Daniel talks about his fellowship here

David Benisty

2021 Fellow 

Home Institution: Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Host: Professor Anne-Christine Davis, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge

Project: Non-minimally Dark Energy model test.

Watch David talks about the fellowship here

Jonathan Bar David

2021 Fellow

Home Institution: DustPhotonics Ltd. (PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Host: Professor Jeremy Baumberg, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge

Project: Tunable and reconfigurable metamaterials.

Watch Jonathan talks about his fellowship here