SHOW UK Fresh paint

SHOW UK is an initiative launched by the British Council and the Clore Israel Foundation, designed to showcase contemporary British culture.

The series of cultural pop events in festivals across Israel features multidisciplinary arts and celebrates British diversity and innovation.

SHOW UK is aimed at creating opportunities for different communities to interact, engage, sow the seeds of future collaborations,

and promote greater inclusion through the arts. For its inauguration, SHOW UK brings you the captivating performance I Infinite by Tom Dale Company.


I Infinite is part dance, part video installation.A solo dance piece that uses hypnotizing imagery and movement to deliver a mesmerizing meditation on the digital world’s quest to re-create life.  Infinite is performed in a white cube space. You, the audience,are free to roam the space as you please, to stand close to the dancer or just sitnsfixed, to watch the delicate movement so often missed in more traditional theatre spaces.


Created by Tom Dale, Barret Hodgson, Maria Olga Palliani | Co-produced by Dance4 |Supported by British Council, Dance Digital,

Deda, National Lottery through Arts Council England and Nottingham Lakeside Arts.

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