Brian Slater

SHOW UK also visited the International Fringe Festival in Beer Sheva, one of the largest cultural events in the South of Israel and an area for cultural and artistic activities.  

One whole day of the festival was dedicated to showcasing British artistry and culture, with of actors, dancers, musicians and street performers transforming the heart of the old city. 
The British dance group Company Chameleon performed their show 'Of Man and Beast', a glorious mix-up of testosterone and fragility interspaced with jaw-dropping athleticism that reveals the modern male group dynamics with humour and insight.
The Newcastel street theatre group Spark! preformed a magical live music, movement and lighting spectacular in which mysterious characters composed of light and sound transformed the landscape around them and captivated the audience. 
SHOW UK also featured a unique coproduction between the Israeli theatre company Clipa and the British company O'Neill Ross, who have joint together to create an absurd escape-room based on Camus’ seminal novel 'The Outsider'. 
SHOW UK also featured activities such as capacity building workshops by Company Chameleon in Al Mahbash Theatre Rahat, and Goodman Acting School in Beer Sheva, as well as an academic conference in Sapir Academic College on the topic of civil action.