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 SHOW UK is arriving at the International Fringe Theatre in Beer Sheva, transferring  the heart of the old city into and area for cultural and artistic activities.  This day features Israeli shows and performances inspired by British Culture, as well as guest performances from Britain, that will be performed both indoors and outdoors, and in unusual venues. In addition, SHOW UK will feature unique collaborations between Israeli and British artists, and the streets of the Old City will become a colorful British Flea Market fair with food and second hand stands.

Among the scheduled performances, you will find an original cutting-edge rendition of William Shakespeare’s Sonnets set in a swimming pool in an underground venue, a Hebrew language production of the children’s classic The Gruffalo, the Fringe Theatre’s take on the Football Premier League, and tributes to all-time classics including live renditions of the Beatles’ songs and David Bowie music.
The British dance group Company Chameleon will perform their show “Of Man and Beast”, a glorious mix-up of testosterone and fragility.  With jaw-dropping athleticism from the start, the work’s five performers, reveal modern male group dynamics with humor and insight. The critically acclaimed company was established by two Manchester-based dancers, Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner, with a mission to introduce a different side of dance and movement to young people everywhere.

The Newcastel street theatre group Spark! will preform a magical live music, movement and lighting spectacular in which mysterious characters composed of light and sound transform the landscape around them and captivate their audience. 

SHOW UK will also feature the worldwide debut performance of “The Outsider Room”, a collaboration between Clipa Theatre and O'Neill/Ross of  London. “The Outsider Room”is a performative experiment based on the popular pastime activity of “escape rooms.” It invites the public to an existentialist mission impossible surrounding a violent murder on a deserted beach, inspired by Albert Camus’s renowned novel The Outsider (1942).








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