We invite people all over the world to watch Youtube sensation Kutiman’s first video of Tel Aviv and create their own interpretation of his work and the city.

Mix the City is a unique music experience and collaboration with public art site The Space, British creative agency Flying object and a team of Israel’s most amazing musicians.

Alan Gemmel, Director for British Council Israel says: “Mix the City is about the power of culture to connect people across barriers whether real or imagined. It marries world class British innovation with Israeli culture giving people across the world the sights and sounds of Tel Aviv at their fingertips."

Editing and sampling video clip: Kutiman

Interactive platform development: Flying Object, Roll Studio London

Participants: Marina Maximilian, Uri Brauner Kinorot (UBK), Sefi Zisling & Yair Slutzky and Yair Slutzky, Radiotrip, Ziwar Bahalul, Liron Meyuhas, Adam Scheflan, Sabo, Amir Bresler, Niki, Hadas Kleinman and Yael Shapira, Idan K, Ariel Tegar (Kalbata).