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The Galilee Development Authority, in collaboration with the British Council, invite entrepreneurs in the fields of arts and culture working in the Galilee area (as defined by the Galilee Development Authority Law - 1993), to apply for the Initiating Culture in the Galilee / Cultural Entrepreneurship in the Galilee programme. The cultural entrepreneurs training programme offers broad and profound learning of entrepreneurial tools, research and development of ideas, and skillset needed for the successful realization of cultural projects.

The Galilee Development Authority and the British Council believe that the natural resources and the human and communal diversity in the Galilee make it a fertile ground for innovative cultural creation. We also believe that cultural-creative entrepreneurship is an important part of financial processes and can set in motion a significant change in the community, art, society in the region. 

Based on the model of Cultural Skills Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the program is annual and takes place in three stages. The first stage will take place in the offices of the Galilee Development Authority for five consecutive days at 24 June 2018.

At the end of training, the participants will be invited to submit proposals for projects development. The outstanding projects will receive start-up grants to help their launch. 

Application deadline: 1/6/2018, 12:00

For further details about the program, application process, and eligibility, please visit the Galilee Development Authority website 

Participation costs 500 NIS.

What does the programme include?

The programme is consists of three stages:

  • Stage A - weeklong sessions (Second half of June) - Made up of five day-long sessions led by Megan Powell - international lecturer on cultural initiatives from the UK. During the sessions, the participants will learn new skills, delivered a toolkit of professional skills for developing a business framework, get familiar with communities, analyse the market and more, practice innovative tools that will serve them in developing the idea that they came with, and enrich their professional world.  Stage A of the programme will be entirely in English and take place in Tefen.
  • Stage B - Personal mentorship - At the end of the sessions stage, a panel of experts will select leading projects that will continue to the mentorship stage.  As part of the mentorship, experts will work with the participants on developing the work plan (based on tools, models and theory learned and practiced in the previous stage) and advancing the implementation of the project.
  • Stage C - Seed Investment grants - At the end of the mentorship stage, the panel of experts will meet again and select a number of projects that best demonstrate the strongest link between culture / art ,entrepreneurship, creativity, and contribution to the community. The projects selected will receive an initial investment sum in order to implement the project, on the condition that they present a work plan with a sustainable economic outlook and an ability to leverage the grant funding for additional investment.

How are the participants selected?

The applicants are brought before a committee made up of representatives of the British Council and the Galile Development Authority.  The committee evaluates the applications according to the following criteria:

  • relevance to the programme’s focus 
  • Quality of the proposed initiative’s artistic content
  •     Cultural and social affinity to the Galilee context

  •  The initiative’s potential for sustainability 

What is expected of participants in the programme?

  • To meet the requirements of the programme and attend sessions
  • To participate in future events connected to the programme, such as exhibitions and graduates’ events
  • To submit reports according to timetables set in advance
  • To promote the Programme and to take part in activities intended to promote the initiative in the media.


What is the amount of the grant?

The grant varies from one project to the next. Maximum grant amount - £5000

I participated in the programme last year. Can I apply again?

You can only participate in the programme once. 

Who is the facilitator of the training week?

The training week is led by Megan Powell - an international lecturer on cultural initiatives from the UK, with a wealth of experience in advising entrepreneurs and young businesses, and a background in arts, product design, industry and textiles.

My initiative received funding from other sources. Can I also receive funding from the programme?

Yes. There is no rule against double funding.

Where does the training week take place?  

The training week will take place at the offices of the Galilee Development Authority in Tefen.

I have an initiative as part of my work at a recognized cultural institution. Can I participate in the programme?    

Yes. Initiative on behalf of Cultural institutions are eligible to apply to the programme.

Is there a cost for participants?

Yes, there is a 500NIS participation cost.

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