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We are all unique human beings with different experiences, feelings and interpretations of what gender represents. EnGENDERed, a British Council project, began as a photo competition, and morphed into something much bigger. It became a visual conversation about gender identity, led by British and Israeli artists, with inspirational photos from all over the world. Scroll down to take a look…..

"The photos capture people feeling good in their own skin and being themselves, mixing strength and delicacy in both ways" Claudia Cuomo, Competition Winner 2017

The competition attracted thousands of entries from all around the world, expressing different gender experiences and introducing talented new photographers.

Liyu, 2017 by Ivri Lider ©

"It’s about the relationship with your body. How you carry yourself, what you choose to put on it, whether a vest or a tattoo, and how it expresses your feelings about yourself and your role in society, both in a beautiful and unconventional way, while playing with masculinity in a conscious and unconscious way.” Ivri Lider, one of Israel’s most successful contemporary musicians

Matt, 2014 by Ivri Lider ©

The final EnGENDERed exhibition also features works by world-leading artists including Juno Calypso from the UK and David Adika from Israel.

David Adika: “In my photographic work, I want to show the presence of beauty, for which I use the strategies of “seduction” and “capture.” As opposed to ideal, platonic beauty, which is the unifying aspect of the worldly things that make it up, in my photographs, beauty belongs to the specific moment. It is the outcome of a one-time encounter between myself (the photographer), the object, and light.”

Untitled, (tour eiffel, chocolate noir) by David Adika ©

Juno Calypso’s acclaimed ‘Honeymoon’ collection resulted from her spending two weeks alone at a couples resort in the USA. With a suitcase of wigs and lingerie, she posed as a travel writer and began using each room in the resort as a stage to perform solitary acts of desire and disappointment.

The Honeymoon Suite by Juno Calypso ©

“I’ve always liked to work with things that people sneer at. Anything that people considered tacky, low-brow, or that makes people say ‘women are so stupid for liking this’ – that’s exactly the stuff I want more of.” Juno Calypso

Born to **** by George Nasser © from Israel

Half Half by Bodi ©

You can see more at
the EnGENDERed exhibition
International Photography Festival
Midtown Tel-Aviv
23.11.17 - 02.12.17.

I’m still alive by Eve Cuyen ©

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