Arthritis Research UK

Arthritis Research UK is the charity dedicated to stopping the devastating impact that arthritis has on people’s lives. Our long term commitment is prevention, developing a cure, and transforming the lives of those with arthritis. We fund research into new treatments to end the pain of arthritis, and provide information on living well with arthritis. 

We can’t achieve all this alone. We partner with organisations and policy makers to champion the rights of people with arthritis and we can only fund our vital work with the support of the public and generosity of our donors. To learn more please visit our website.

We are delighted to be joining BIRAX to promote the cutting-edge regenerative medicine research we’ve funded here in the UK, internationally. We are excited about the novel applications that aim to develop new and better treatments which will return pain-free movement back to millions of people with arthritis.” 

Dr Stephen Simpson, Director of Research & Programmes, Arthritis Research UK